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type of Fixtures


Uplighting is the key illumination in landscape lighting. Light tree's or building's. Uplighting is a staple.


One of the benefits of landscape lighting is to prevent slips, trips, and fall. Not only does path lighting do that, but it also shines your garden beds!


Having lights that are mounted under capstones and walkways can add a lot of depth to your outdoor oasis. light the edge of a stone wall or even firepits!


Moonlighting usually done with 5000k lights can achieve a moonlighting effect. This downlighting can really highlight wide areas of your property.


Want to make your property pop? Specialty lighting can add that extra component that you have been looking for!


Patio lighting aka bistro lighting is achieved most of the time with S14 bulbs. We custom cut and fit the lights to where you want them and it makes for an amazing lighting display.

Q & A

First is contacting Spotlight Landscape Lighting at 719-432-5687 or filing out our contact form on our contact page to let us know you are interested! Next is see what you would like done with your property and opening up a dialogue on price point and fixtures. We educate you on the system and let you know the quality products we install that you are investing in. If a design is agreed upon, we will send you a quote via our CRM Jobber. We require 50% deposit to book your project and we schedule a date. We will call 811 to Flag your property and locate Fiber optic lines. We dig and trench with special tools to bury underground landscape lighting wire and your internet lines are buried within that. We want to ensure we don’t interrupt any services coming into your home. Next we will implement the project on the scheduled date (weather pending) and will invoice the other 50% of your invoice once the project is complete. We will walk you through the completion of the project and ask if you have any questions. We love creating new relationships and even more so the look on our clients faces when you hit the on button at night for the first time!

Landscape Lighting puts a spotlight on your property. It improves security around your home. Lighting also ensures your safety from slips, trips, and falls from poor lit area’s that can cause injury. Sure lighting adds some security and safety benefits, one of the biggest reasons though is the outdoor experience around your property. 

All Spotlight Landscape Lighting’s fixtures have retrofit or integrated LED’s. LED’s consume substantially less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Depending upon where light is desired will dictate the placement and type of fixture. We can design out your property based on its terrain, structures, and garden life around it. Everything has specs and we are the experts on what fixture is best where to achieve that magical effect. There are fixtures for uplighting, downlighting, hardscape lighting, patio lighting, and specialty lighting (eg outdoor fireplaces, custom gardens, putting greens etc.) 

Every project is different because every property is different. It really is dependent on the number and the of fixtures and length of runs. Also, depending on the wattage from the fixtures will dictate what type of transformer you will need. A starting point for a budget for your lighting project is around $3,000. There are all different type manufactures and brands of fixtures out there and when it comes to lighting, commercial grade is by far the best to invest in. Quality products and a quality contractor to install the lights properly will set your property up to have light shining for many years to come!

If installed correctly Landscape lighting has low maintenance. We do offer an annual inspection’s of your lights and ensure that everything is in working order as well. The fixtures are under warranty and we warranty our service for one year. 

From booking to install is most of the time 2-3 weeks. This is due to calling 811 and ensuring all the proper commercial grade supplies are in hand to install. 

You can pay cash, check, or card. Cards are accepted via our secured CRM Jobber. We electronically send you quotes and invoices and they can be paid through Jobber. 

Ask us about Color Changing App Lights!

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Cloud based Home Automation Lighting


Camera Installation

With added security with landscape lights be sure to not forget about security cameras. Cameras are cloud based and can access away from home. With night vision coupled with birds eye angles, you will be able to detour trespassers and record them as well. With voice activation you can even talk through the camera in real time! Get notified when the camera recognizes movement or sound. Weatherproof cameras that will last for years to come. Ask us about security camera installation to add to your property!

Home Switch Timer

Your landscape lighting is scheduled to come on at certain times. By installing a timer for your outside lights all of your lights can come on at the same time! Giving the ultimate hands free, no stress, peace of mind you have been looking for!

Get Quality

Dont invest into retail grade lights that are going to go out within a year or two! we carry professional grade products that outshine the products. not all light fixtures are created equal. Be sure to ask us why our products set themselves apart. We install quality products because it’s what your home and you deserve. The added value will create a great addition to your property!

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