RGB & Animation

Christmas Lighting Made Easy



What is RGB?


Red, Green, and Blue. 


These Mixing of Primary Colors Can Make


11 Million Colors To Choose From!

Twinkly Pro

App Controlled RGB lighting

Use your Apple device to use the Twinkly app. Here you can choose effects and customize effects with any color of your choosing!

Music Dongle

This USB attachment can be used with a
powercube and group your devices together
to sync to music!


Videos of Twinkly Pro in action!



Setup Guide


Wifi Controller setup guide

Click the picture to see how to setup/ troubleshoot Twinkly pro wifi controllers!


Troubleshooting Tips


Firmware updates

There are frequent updates that are released and each controller/ accessory will need to be updated to the latest firmware for the lights to work correctly.

Only one device connected to the app

Make sure no other devices around are trying to sync and connect to the controllers while you are controlling them.

pro configuration

The device can be configured to be told how many pixels are on the strands and can be adjusted based on current setup.


unplugging and plugging back in will allow the device to cycle through connecting to the network set up on it.


When grouping devices make sure that each one is on the same network/ router. This is how they communicate to each other and all need to tie back into the network.

Hard reset

When all else fails... Hard reset. By hard resetting the device you can clear the memory from the device and re hook up to the controller.

More In Depth Guide

At Twinkly.com

Animation Breakdown


We use a program called Xlights (www.xlights.org) to program each song. The software is free and you can donate to help assist with developments as a lot of time I spent on development. Each song takes over 40 working hours to program!

How it looks

This is a preview of our layout in Xlights. We generate a 3D model. Here we make sure they are connected to the right outputs and tell the software how many pixels are in each prop and exactly where each pixel is. We rendered the model in 3D to get x, y, and z axis!


Props are mostly purchased from a company called Boscoyo and Gilbert Engineering. We will be introducing this Dreamcatcher prop to our display this year from GE! They specialize in corrugated plastic and have a CNC machine that cuts the specific prop out and the holes for the pixels. We also have a 3D printer where we design and print some of the props and mounts in our display.


Our show is controlled by Falcon controllers - you can learn more about them at www.pixelcontroller.com

Raspberry Pi

We run the light show off 1 Raspberry Pi! There is specific software made for this. It sends all the information out to the controllers to tell each of the outputs what color, what pixel, and what effect to display.


We use 12V WS2811 RGB bullet pixels for everything. We currently have over 15,000 pixels in our show . You can create any color you want and can control each individual pixel. Full control! Each pixel has a power, ground and data cable.

3d printing

We 3D print a lot of our mounts for props. Some of the props are 3D printed along with accessories. This has made it where we can custom print an object and use it quickly! To learn more check out our 3D printing page.


We have our own lightshow that we have been working on. In season, you can request a song to play!

Days Until Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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