C9 Spool 1k’ 15″ Spacing SPT-1 Holidynamics (Pre-Order)


C9 Spool 1k’ 15″ Spacing SPT-1

15″ spaced C9 Sockets
1 spool per box
Order qty # is per spool
Pay a deposit of 20% per item
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-Socket Type: C9 (E17)
-String Length: 1,000′
-Number of Sockets: 800
-Socket Spacing: 15″
-Weep Holes: Located at base of socket
-Wire Capacity: 7 amp
-Rating: SPT-1
-Wire Gauge: 18
-Voltage: 110/120
-Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
-Max load: 250′ linear run with c9 LED retrofits

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Weight 38 lbs